...I assume you guys have seen Mean Girls

If not, we have a lot of catching up to do.

I began this 'whole thing' while I was studying Fashion Design at Marist College as a hobby to showcase my personal style. I posted ever so often on my blog with the even more often Instagram post to coincide. While trying to maintain a double life of working in the city part-time, commute 2 hours back and fourth to college upstate NY, as well as sleep under the tables in the studio in order to complete my designs by graduation, I barely thought about (what I called at the time) "blogging". Running on a solid hour of caffeinated sleep most nights, the thought of working under anyone upon graduation gave me little hope as a starving designer. I began posting my personal style on a regular basis and one day it all clicked for me. Why am I doing this to myself? For what? I want to direct my own life.  I want to design. I want people to trust my style. I want to inspire people to be creative and live the way that they want. Why should I limit my own creativity and personal power just because society tells me I need to work a regular 9-5 job for (excuse me) shit pay for who knows how long until I can finally have my own voice? My life won't work like that.

Upon graduation, I sat and stared at job postings and went on countless interviews for design companies I hadn't even heard of after a lifetime of fashion obsession. My traditional parents nagged me to get a "real" job while I reluctantly ran away to China...then Bali...then Australia...for over a month. It took a ton of reflection and a huge chunk out of my savings to realize that sitting at a 9am to (?)pm job with 4 travel days out of the year was out of the question. Just to solidify my past feelings. I bought my first Cannon 6D before spontaneously taking off to China and creatively curated a gallery of my best moments and style throughout my travels. As my Instagram started to gain traction, I had hope that maybe I could make this work.

New York city is home base for me.  Once home, I began regularly posting my street style on Instagram. I creative directed, uniquely styled, and edited all of my content. It was second nature to me. I loved having complete creative control. I began working one on one with brands to create unique and valuable content. I was now the stylist, the model, the editor, and the often photographer and the traveller. I was a one man show and so far still am.  I work every day of the week almost around the clock but don't feel one bit like it. I could have settled for a basic design job where I could work solely with one brand, or I could work with them all and still remain 100% myself.  Almost a year later, I'm directing my own life. I'm designing. I'm here to inspire people to be create and live the way that they want. I'm sharing self expression through my love for fashion and the world around me.  I'm aiming to work to serve. 

Also, for those of you who think I forgot about design. I have big plans. 

xxx Jourdan